Our Mission

To support the development and growth of entrepreneurship across the Liverpool City Region, raising both level of engagement and trading ability of social enterprise businesses to enhance their economic viability, sustainability, social and environmental impact and contribution to the local economy.

This mission statement and vision has driven the development of this business plan and continues to underpin the focus and activities of SEN over the next five years.

Values and Visions

A number of core values and visions will underpin the activities of Social Enterprise Network over the coming 5 year period. As an organisation, SEN is firmly commited to:

  • Developing its financial resilience and sustainability and in a way that reduces and eliminates, over time, its dependence on public funding.
  • Being a role model of entrepreneurial good practice
  • Embracing, recognising and harnessing the commitment, skills and diversity of its staff and Board of Directors
  • Promoting a culture of strong leadership, setting benchmarks to which members can aspire to.
  • Nurturing existing and potential social enterprise businesses to stimulate growth within all markets of the sector.
  • Creating an accessible open culture in which social enterprise organisations feel supported and valued as members.
  • Showcasing social value and the value of the social enterprise sector across the Liverpool City Region.

Social enterprises are dynamic and diverse businesses set up to address social or environmental need.

They operate across all sectors, from catering to construction, healthcare to horticulture, training to transport and many more. Often starting out in the charity or voluntary sector and later transitioning to social enterprises, many of these businesses deliver public services, but others are set up to address specific needs or issues within communities such as social exclusion or unemployment.


Social Enterprise Network is based in the Liverpool City Region, and is a network of distributing businesses and community and voluntary sector organisations. We aim to present ‘one voice’ to promote the sector and to support the development of new and existing Social Enterprises in the region and beyond. Whilst we predominantly serve the Social Enterprise Sector based in and around the Liverpool City Region, our remit stretches across the whole country, and our expertise knows no geographical boundaries.

The principal service provided by SEN is the facilitation of and access to a comprehensive network of local and emerging Social Enterprises. More specifically, we provide the following services:-

  • Free Business Support
  • Weekly drop-in information sessions
  • Networking meetings
  • Dissemination of information
  • Good practice
  • Signposting and advice
  • Training and development
  • Consortium development
  • Research and evaluation
  • Representation of our membership
  • Access to conferences and relevant events
  • Securing new funding streams

Social Enterprise Network was established in March 2000 to promote the interests of the social enterprise sector, contribute to grassroots and community-led social and economic regeneration and develop the capacity of the wider social economy.

SEN exists for our membership, and is driven by their collective concerns and aspirations. Social Enterprise Network is an autonomous body, constituted and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. We are currently based at Fifth Floor, Cotton Exchange, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9LQ.